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We will keep your adventure away from the dreaded run-of-the-mill affairs! We explore the best of what Tromsø and the surrounding areas have to offer. With thrilling small or big group tours, overnight adventures and sightseeing that you can get all year round only with The Arctic Drive! Book your experience today, this will set your adventure apart from the dreaded run-of-the-mill affairs! Tours made with in the Arctic by The Arctic Drive, your DMC in Tromso


Whether you want a quality time with your family, a few fun days with friends, honeymoon for your spouse and you... Then you can choose one of our tours or we can plan one memorable tour for you.


We specialize in facilitating large groups and special events like company retreats. Go with the most adventurous Arctic destination management company for your perfect authentic experience!


Unique opportunities for your conference beyond the usual limits! The Arctic Drive adjusts the size and location of the Tentipi according to your needs, there are almost no restrictions!


The Arctic Drive is widely known among celebrities and high-ranking VIP clients. We have successfully completed the highest degree of discretion for our clients for many years, something we are very proud of.

Safety First

We ensure that you travel safely with us using only the best equipment!

Local Guides

Our guides are permanent residents of Tromsø and have unique local knowledge

Experience of a Lifetime

We provide an adventure like nothing you've ever experienced before.

Winter Sale

World Sea Explorers

Fjord Safari Fishing Tour NOK 2190,- each

Join our sustainable fjord safari and fishing trip with a large luxurious sailing boat. On our fjord safari, we only catch the fish we need to prepare and enjoy a good meal before continuing to sail through our beautiful scenery. The whole experience lasts about 4 hours and is an experience of a lifetime.

Winter Sale

World Sea Explorers

Northern Lights Tour NOK 2190,- each

Join our sustainable Northern Lights tour with a large luxurious sailing ship. Experience the Northern Lights like you could never imagine, sailing quietly under the dancing Aurora Borealis. Stay away from the crowded and dreaded run-of-the-mill affairs! The whole experience lasts about 4 hours and is an experience of a lifetime.
"Amazing Time" Look no further this is the trip you require! Kjetil will custom any requirements you have .. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed both his company and his vehicles .. his skills with finding the lights are truly inspirational his camera skills put me to shame .. considering I am in the Movie business.. I combined a snowmobile trip in Finland which was one of the best I ever had across a frozen lake ..Truly awesome ... A big thank you Kjetil .
Colin G
Movie business
"Great Tour" My family and I flew to Tromsø spontaneously. We wouldn’t have been able to book a long tour with a big group of people because of our two children. Besides a lovely knowledgeable guide and a comfortable and safe car, we got just the flexible tour we needed as it was manageable for our kids! I would highly recommend the Arctic Drive to everyone, especially to families as both Kjetil and Alex did the trip enjoyable for us!!
Piotr B
Traveling with family