Private experience

Private Experience

Go on private experiences tailored by locals !

We know how to plan couples and family experiences, go with the most adventurous Arctic destination management company for your perfect tailored experience! Get away from the dreaded run-of-the-mill affairs!

"Most creative and unique itinerary"
"Most creative and unique itinerary I've experienced!"

Get away from the dreaded run-of-the-mill affairs

We strive to be different and therefore manage to give you and you're family the most creative and unique tailored experiences throughout the year!
Polaris buggy RZR fishing trip
"Happiest moment ever"

Let your kids experience real nature

Go to the best places, maybe the timeframe zone, and breath fresh air and just relax! This is the best family bonding.
"Incredible experience"
Northern Lights Experience
"This was an incredible experience!"

Northern Lights

Our strength is private tours, usually adapted for families with children. Then you can experience at your own pace and not be afraid to disturb others.


Many visitors comment on the amazing beauty of their travels with us, remember to sit back and enjoy the sight with your eyes, we take the photos for you for no extra cost. Make it a memorable journey.

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