Corporate Experiences


Yes it can be done !

We specialize in facilitating large groups and special sustainable events like company retreats. Go with the most adventurous Arctic destination management company for your perfect tailored experience!

"Most creative and unique itinerary"
"Most creative and unique itinerary I've experienced!"

Get away from the dreaded run-of-the-mill affairs

We strive to be different and therefore manage to give you and your group the most creative and unique tailored experiences throughout the year!
"Best event venue in the Arctic"
"Best venue ever"

Tentipi conference and dinner venue

Seek out in the wild for the best conferences or gala dinners! We organize everything for you and your corporate event!
"Incredible experience"
Tromso The Arctic Drive
"This was an incredible experience!"

Corporate Retreats

Finding the right balance between creative brainstorming and team bonding will lead to energized employees for months to come.
"Our commitment"
"Great commitment you don't see often!"

Look at our sustainable commitment

Your sustainable and trusted partner in northern Norway!

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